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Infamous Mud Wrestling Promoter-turned-airwave-Media-Mogul, Aaron (a.k.a. Harvey Banger) kicks back between podcasts with his Fender Jaguar and a half-rack of PBR. He resides in Seattle with his wife, their beautiful daughter, and two tamed mountain lions.

email: aaron@air-raid.net


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Deep Sea Diver


This week Jessica Dobson, guitar player and lead vocalist for Deep Sea Diver, joins us in the Backyard to chat about her thoughts on cell phones, the role of religion in her life, being in a band with her significant other, and how taking a chance on an email led to playing in a band with Beck, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Shins.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Deep Sea Diver


Raz Simone


This week, Solomon 'Raz' Simone stops by The Backyard to talk about his love of poetry, his philosophy of playing with a live band, and how he turned his life around from dealing drugs to finding his place in music.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Raz Simone


Pillar Point


This week, Scott Reitherman of the band Pillar Point stops by the backyard to chat about his former love for New Kids on the Block, bands that maybe houldhave called it quits, how his old band 'Throw Me The Statue' morphed into 'Pillar Point' after a dark period, and Aaron tells you why the internet is not your friend.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Pillar Point


Prom Queen


This week Celene Ramadan of the band Prom Queen joins us in the backyard to talk about wearing a cloak in highschool and her new album/music video film 'Midnight Veil' and the amazing concept behind it.

We also chat with Richard Green the Director of the amazing charity Noise for the Needy that will sadly be coming to a close after this years event. To find out more and get tickets click HERE.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Prom Queen


The Murder City Devils


This week Spencer Moody, vocalist for the legendary band The Murder City Devils, joins us in the Backyard to chat about overcoming and knowing his fear and anxiety, his conscious decision to be less harsh on stage, and an awkard run in with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder in front of 15,000 onlookers.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: The Murder City Devils


Megan Griffiths


This week, director and filmmaker Megan Griffiths stops by The Backyard to chat about how she turned a communications degree into a film career, her love of the Will Ferrel movie 'Step Brothers', and her excellent new movie 'Lucky Them' starring Oliver Platt, Thomas Haden Church, Toni Collette, and a very notable famous person.... (SPOILER ALERT: it's Johnny Depp).

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Daggerhands

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