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Infamous Mud Wrestling Promoter-turned-airwave-Media-Mogul, Aaron (a.k.a. Harvey Banger) kicks back between podcasts with his Fender Jaguar and a half-rack of PBR. He resides in Seattle with his wife, their beautiful daughter, and two tamed mountain lions.

email: aaron@air-raid.net


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Planes On Paper


This week Jen and Navid of the band Planes On Paper stop by the Backyard to talk about their new EP 'The Ruins' that will be available on January 1st, studying music in college, and finding each other. Plus! Kevin Sur of Artist Home stops by to talk about thd upcoming TIMBRRRR! WINTER MUSIC FESTIVAL coming up on January 9th and 10th in Leavenworth WA. You can get your tickets HERE.


Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Planes On Paper


Smokey Brights.


This week Ryan Devlin of the band Smokey Brights stops by The Backyard to share some music off of the debut LP 'TASTE FOR BLOOD', chat about recording in a massive freezing cold barn, going to catholic school, and we figure out the meaning of life... nah, just kidding.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Smokey Brights


Joe Guppy..


This week author and psychotherapist, Joe Guppy, stops by The Backyard to tell us about his experience with a major pshychotic break at the age of 23 which is perfectly captured in his new book 'My Fluorescent God'.

Music Featured In This Wek's Episode: The Duchess and The Duke




This week we are joined by two close friends, Luke Burbank and Kevin Dodril, to discuss our fears.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: SPOON


Lynn Shelton


This week Director Lynn Shelton joins us in The Backyard to tell us about her journey from actor to photogapher to movie director, how Singer/Songwriter Andrew Bird made her cry (in a good way), and the experience of making her biggest production yet: LAGGIES which is out in theaters Oct 24th.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Andy Fitts


Lou Barlow


This week, Lou Barlow of the bands Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. joins us to talk about the origins of his lo-fi sound, being a dad on the road, and putting his thoughts out there for the world to hear. You can find the Reissued deluxe edition of Bakesale HERE and the new Sebadoh Album Defend Yourself HERE.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Sebadoh

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