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Infamous Mud Wrestling Promoter-turned-airwave-Media-Mogul, Aaron (a.k.a. Harvey Banger) kicks back between podcasts with his Fender Jaguar and a half-rack of PBR. He resides in Seattle with his wife, their beautiful daughter, and two tamed mountain lions.

email: aaron@air-raid.net


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Lynn Shelton


This week Director Lynn Shelton joins us in The Backyard to tell us about her journey from actor to photogapher to movie director, how Singer/Songwriter Andrew Bird made her cry (in a good way), and the experience of making her biggest production yet: LAGGIES which is out in theaters Oct 24th.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Andy Fitts


Lou Barlow


This week, Lou Barlow of the bands Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. joins us to talk about the origins of his lo-fi sound, being a dad on the road, and putting his thoughts out there for the world to hear. You can find the Reissued deluxe edition of Bakesale HERE and the new Sebadoh Album Defend Yourself HERE.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Sebadoh


Oh! Pears


This week Corey Duncan, frontman for the band Oh! Pears, stops by the Backyard to chat about growing up as a shelterd child in a religious household, getting out of his comfort zone, and the art of the perfect pizza. Oh! Pears new album "Wild Part of the World" is available HERE.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Oh! Pears


Ian Karmel


This week, we sit down with comedian Ian Karmel to chat about his recent appearance on CONAN, taking an improv class from his uncle, and finding time for video games. BOOM.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: The La's


S (Jenn Ghetto)


This week Jenn Ghetto of the band S stops by the Backyard to chat about her AMAZING new album COOL CHOICES out on Sept. 22nd (Order HERE), the end of her old band Carissa's Wierd, keeping a calendar in order, and what went in to writing such a personal record.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: S


Deep Sea Diver


This week Jessica Dobson, guitar player and lead vocalist for Deep Sea Diver, joins us in the Backyard to chat about her thoughts on cell phones, the role of religion in her life, being in a band with her significant other, and how taking a chance on an email led to playing in a band with Beck, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Shins.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Deep Sea Diver

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