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Infamous Mud Wrestling Promoter-turned-airwave-Media-Mogul, Aaron (a.k.a. Harvey Banger) kicks back between podcasts with his Fender Jaguar and a half-rack of PBR. He resides in Seattle with his wife, their beautiful daughter, and two tamed mountain lions.

email: aaron@air-raid.net


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Air-Raid LIVE!.


This week we present to you the first LIVE taping of The Air-Raid Podcast in front of a sold out crowd at Naked City Brewery in Seattle WA! With special guests, Derek Sheen, The Young Evils, and Shelby Earl! Comedy! Music! Drinking trivia! And MORE...Duh.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Shelby Earl, The Young Evils


Kris Orlowski


This week, Kris Orlowski and Torry Anderson stop by the Backyard to chat about their new album BELIEVER (out April 15th), Kris' schedule, their recent tour and experience at SXSW, and play some live tunes in studio!

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Kris Orlowski




This week, Aaron joins himself in the Backyard.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: KITHKIN


The Watt Sister's


This week, Aaron may not b the greatest mc. Carrie and Kristen Watt join us in the Backyard to chat about Seattle Secret Shows, Seattle Living Room Shows, and getting caught sneaking out...

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: NTNT


Emmett Montgomery


This week, comedian Emmett Montgomery stops by the backyard to talk about the philosophy of social media and a strange thing that happened to him while recounting a tale of his near death experience on a recent episode of the RISK! podcast, which you can hear HERE. Also, Kyle Stevens drops in to tell us about the upcoming Krackle Fest show for Emerald City Comic Con!

Tickets are literally ALMOST GONE for Air-Raid LIVE! on Saturday March 29th. Only $4, get them HERE.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: The Dig


Billy Connolly


This week, friend of the show Kevin, of Stack of Dimes, stops by to chat True Detective. The the legendary actor and comedian, Billy Connolly, talks with Aaron about making the transition from folk singer/banjo player to stand-up comedy, starring in the third installment of The Hobbit, and how he came to find out that he had Parkinson's Disease.

Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Nothing

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